Together. That’s how it should work. Sales, the channel to the Market. Product the creation of Marketing, constructing image, messages and pricing. Together working towards the business objectives. Yet there’s been traditional battleground between sales and marketing which has been broadened in the digital arena. Heighten expectations mass website traffic, easy inbound sales, faceless nurturing ignoring the skills of sales, customer facing staff to deliver the best experience.

The Digital Salesman is the persona of business with a team who passionately believe its together, Sales & Marketing will deliver the business objectives, success. Drawing on decades of experience in telesales, face to face, webinars, trade shows. Skills and knowledge about real world lead generation with volume prospect base development. Marketing that works irrespective of the channel and
delivery mechanism. The Digital Salesman expertise enhanced by proven performance at Local, National and International level, a range of sectors delivering products and services to both consumer and business. Imagine add this horsepower to your business, imagine developing effective sales and marketing for the digital world, agile, flexible operating towards the business goals relentlessly. Don’t Image engage!

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