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Do you believe your business deserves more leads? Increased brand higher visibility in a competitive landscape? Timely engagement with potential customers? More fulfilling customer relations? Effective management of the sales and marketing plan? Strengthening the bottom line? If so then the digital salesman is your partner to help achieve those goals.

The basis of our partnership will be your business objectives and a comprehensive anaylsis with an agreed plan.?Know yourself.

It’s about understanding where we are together, now. Your digital footprint, current sales process, marketing plan, resources, personnel, market sector and the business objectives. The digital analysis of can be achieved quickly, improvements can be implemented in parallel to research and planning, it will improve visibility.

Know your customers. It sounds obvious but often assumptions build up around customers. It’s important to ask. Why did they become customers? What are the challenges for our customers. What else do our customers want? Contact will be made with existing customers to get the answers.

?Plan to win more sales. It maybe unfashionable to quote a Wardlord but “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. -Sun Tzu, The Art of War. There will be competitor anaylys too, including their digital footprint that will contribute to the plan.

?Agree and lunach. Once the review and anaylsis is completed the plan will be generated, costed with defined outcomess and agreed. There will be full to the digital magic, so you will have reporting with a click but regular reviews too.

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