Death of the Salesman

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Maybe it’s not so much as death of a salesman or a discipline but the death of the job title?

In today’s complex and overlapping digital marketplace it is time to show more knowledge outside of you own field of expertise and realize that times are not a-changing they have completely changed. This rule applies not just to technology but also to the people who drive and promote digital business.

The rapid growth of search, online video, social media, content marketing and demand generation have driven the convergence of audiences across all online channels such that the relationship between buyers and sellers has become significantly more complex and, in many cases, automated.

Digital media, technology and marketing disciplines have converged and fueled a complete change in the behavior of consumer audiences from how they purchase products to how they engage with content and this change has had a significant knock on effect on the relationship between sales and marketing. The direct sales relationship of yesteryear has largely been disintermediated by hundreds of digital word of mouth networks.

Unless you are selling a commodity then the sales and business development process has become almost obscured by the depth, knowledge, and integrated marketing and technology expertise required. Sales people can no longer ignore the fact that they have to engage with new modes of customer interaction and engage prospects across multiple channels on a wholesale scale that replaces any traditional sales approaches.

Put simply, to keep selling, salespeople are going to have to develop marketing skills and cross channel product knowledge.

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