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What is “the digital magic”? a powerful multi-channel digital marketing platform that allows smart businesses to focus effort on creativity and critical analysis, not the processes. Today digital marketing involves the collection, collation, co-ordination, postings and lots of spreadsheets. Businesses that have discovered the benefits of digital marketing lose it’s full potential in the cost of doing “digital” reducing the contribution towards the creativity and scale.

The digital salesman is passionate about providing the firepower to small to medium businesses to compete in the crowded digital world against national or international enterprises with colossal budgets and expensive agencies.

The digital magic can be deployed rapidly, GDPR compliant, sector structured with predefined channels, templates, exploiting high levels of automation, scheduling with a simple CRM and array of analytics with a click.

All this means that any business can put the magic into the sales and marketing. Do it all for yourselves or plug-in the digital salesman when needed or have it done for you. know that the budget will have a strong ROI as the cost of wasteful management of the processes is minimised.

Majority of digital marketers recognised the cost should be in creating great content, stimulating campaigns, strong customer engagement yet costs of just doing absorb the spend. the digital salesman agrees that maximising budgets should begin with automation of all the mundane to maximise time to focus on creativity and critical thinking.

Businesses need spend to achieve the business goal and easily recongise the increased to the top line with a stronger bottom line, not clicks or likes.

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