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The internet has provided democratisation. This includes many business functions, even marketing ignoring the necessity of rigorous planning and creativity. It can be argued that its is a good thing even the smallest business can be global. There are many challenge is to make effective use of all the channels available, owned, earned or paid with the digital salesman you have an understanding partner.

If your business seeks guidance, creativity, analysis and management of all things to do with digital marketing then call and have a chat to the digital salesman. discuss your business objectives and goals, access a full digital review, creativity, content creation, campaign planning, execution and analytical review. Sometimes the goal demands singular focus such as Facebook Ads or Google Keywords or something altogether different like personalised print, it’s all about the results.

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At the digital salesman structures the services into owned, earned and paid as this reflects the areas of focus and meaningful measurements. The digital analytical tools available reach through different channels and media from WiFi log-in, personalised communications even digital print too. In business, if you can’t measure you can’t improve.

The coffee is great, the car parking is cheap, reach out and make contact, call (the forgotten channel), email, fill a form or even tweet, Facebook messenger, Whats App (for business) whatever you prefer the digital salesman is at hand. your partner to assist delivering results.

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