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It’s the connection of environment and purpose.Marketing often means MarCom (marketing communications) now it’s called Digital Marketing. It’s a change of emphasis which has dissipated budgets, effort and success in sales.

All successful businesses have successful marketing. The product or service offering will reflect what the market needs, it will have a functional description (capabilities), it will have appropriate pricing, it will identify where to engage potential customers, how to sell the offering and then make sales. That’s marketing. The fact that the promotion is through digital channels reflects an environment, not a purpose.

There is passions for the digital salesman, to bring marketing back into businesses.Clarity of business objectives, purpose utilising the best environment to make the sale.

The reconnection of physical and digital channels with sales programmes that leverage on marketing campaigns.Using spend to increase/maximise ROI so that money is applied to critical thinking and creativity, instead of time spent managing the process of separate and fragmented digital platforms.

Knowledge with a click.Bring digital magic to all business especially SME, as users, as beneficiaries, in partnership.Exploit environment with purpose.

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