Convergence of Salesman and Marketeer?

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The Salesman is a sales man no more. The most effective salesman/person sits between product, technology and marketing experts and builds new process with clients that drive sales less directly, more subtly, than there pre-convergence peers. As such, marketing and Sales should no longer be represented within a traditional funnel diagram and should be constructed in ways that better illustrate their reliance on each other and on other discipline in the wider yet related sphere of influence, such as a Venn’s and circles. Who gets the sales order or the lion share of credit the technical contact; account director, sales representative or inbound marketer should be irrelevant, in business it irrelevant at as employees are part of the success.

Digital Marketing no longer just holds it’s lion share at the beginning of a sales funnel. The convergence of media and social media adoption means that marketing operates at all stages of the funnel. Marketing is sales and sales is marketing in digiland.

Hybrid are the key to success in this new, new media landscape.Traditional sales skills complement and support this new discipline or is that Marketeers have to include more of the selling skills in the campaign? What ever the label hybrids are able to turn information into intelligence, and intelligence into action. Structural innovation can add accountability and address many of the changes, challenges and shifts from traditional sales to hybrid marketing approaches.

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